Statistics Program Provides Critical Information to AVEM Members

Understanding industry trends in the global marketplace is critical for a company’s sales and operations planning. In order to help our member companies fulfill this requirement, the Association of Vacuum Equipment Manufacturers (AVEM) is a participating association in the International Statistics on Vacuum Technology (ISVT) program. The ISVT program was developed through the cooperation of the AVEM, the Japan Vacuum Industry Association (JVIA), the European Vacuum Technology Association (EVTA) and Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI).

Quarterly sales data collected for the ISVT program is divided into three main product groupings: vacuum pumps, vacuum instrumentation and vacuum hardware. Each grouping is broken down into several product types, and the aggregate sales of these products types are reported for the geographical regions of North America, Japan, Europe, China/Korea/Taiwan and Rest of World. Product and the total data are also reported by market segmentation (see Figure 1).

In addition to the quarterly data reports, those AVEM members participating in the statistics program receive a quarterly charts package showing a graphical trend analysis over a 5-year period.

The ISVT Working Group, representing each participating association, continually works to improve the quality of the program and the accuracy of the data collected. Each association also follows strict rules for maintaining the confidentiality of individual member companies’ data through the services of regional notaries and a certified public accounting firm. Data submitted by a specific company cannot be identified in the final reporting.

To learn more about the ISVT program, or to become a participating member, visit the Resources section of the AVEM website (www.avem.org).

Vacuum Market Segmentation

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